The workshops aims at bringing together researchers, technical experts and end-users to participate on a debate to put in common:

· Vulnerabilities of the current systems and how to mitigate its associated risks.
· New technologies that can be applied in the next generation of systems in order to develop secure-by-design architectures and applications.

The outcomes of these sessions will help us to define which are the research needs to move towards a cyber-resilient, fault tolerant, scalable, efficient and flexible system of systems where data can be securely exchanged among stakeholders while respecting its confidentiality. These outcomes will also be included on our reference document on this topic.

All participants are expected to play a main role in the debates. To set up the basis, we will also count with key speakers like Patrick Mana (Eurocontrol Cyber-security Cell Manager), Tim Stelken-Kobsch (DLR as GAMMA project representative) and Ruben Flohr (SJU Chief ATM ad interim and Cybersecurity Expert). Please find the agenda below.