First Call for catalyst funding – FAQs (archived page)

The first Call for catalyst funding closed on 15 February 2019.


Please use the contacts page to submit questions – select “Catalyst funding” as the subject (questions may be submitted until 04 February 2019). FAQs updated on 16 January 2019.

1. Funding
1.1. The funding limit per entity according to H2020 rules is EUR 60 000. What happens if one entity is part of several successful proposals, which would notionally result in more than EUR 60 000 being awarded?
In such cases it has been determined that only the highest ranking proposal(s) would be retained for award, i.e. without exceeding the EUR 60 000 limit allowed for any given entity. Entities involved in more than more proposal should bear this in mind, particularly where there are implications on fellow consortium partners.

1.2. Section 3.2 of the call lists types of eligible costs without mentioning “travel costs”. Are travel costs eligible, e.g. to meet with industry?
Yes, although not explicitly stated in the Call, travel costs are eligible and count towards the EUR 60 000 limit.

1.3. Can catalyst projects be funded for more than 12 months?
The duration of catalyst-funded projects is limited to 12 months, with final reporting due no later than 30 days thereafter.

1.4. Will pre-financing be available to catalyst-funded projects?
Pre-financing will not be available to catalyst-funded projects. The first payment will be made to projects after acceptance of intermediate reporting (to be submitted after the end of month six). The final payment will be made to projects after acceptance of final reporting (to be submitted after the end of month 12).

2. Misc
2.1. Section 3.3.1 of the call requests that there should be specific references to the four selection criteria, but indicates that these specific references should all be in the “research plan”. Could criterion (i) impact, for example, be addressed in another section?
The requested proposal structure should be followed as much as possible, however if it is more appropriate to address a particular selection criterion in another section please ensure it is apparent to the evaluators.

3. Consortium
3.1. Is the Call open to companies as well as research institutes?
Yes, the Call for catalyst funding is open to industry, operators, research organisations, consultancies, etc. (Note that the eight Engage consortium members are ineligible to bid for catalyst funding.)

4. Scope
4.1. According to the Call, “proposals supporting a thematic challenge should clearly state with which challenge the proposal is aligned”. What happens when the proposal idea overlaps more than one thematic challenge?
A proposal may cover more than one thematic challenge, although please state with which challenge the proposal is most aligned. (Note the selection criteria’s intention to award at least one project per thematic challenge.)