Engage summer school 2021 (virtual)

The third Engage summer school was held virtually 30 August – 02 September 2021, with almost 100 participants from 20 countries taking part. The programme was designed with a strong focus on the PhDs’ technical results (presentations are available below). Consequently, no time was devoted to tutorials on ATM concepts and research methodologies, as in the previous summer school editions, with more time devoted to PhDs presenting their near-final work and obtaining targeted feedback from the industry.


Download the programme (updated 27 August 2021)

PhD presentations

Airline and airport operations centres
● Decision support tool for airline operation control hub centre. Jonas Langner, TU Braunschweig (pdf 1.6MB)
● Second generation agent-based modelling for improving APOC operations. Sashiko Shirai Reyna, Amsterdam UAS / ENAC (pptx 7.0MB)

Signal processing for trajectory prediction
● Advanced statistical signal processing for next generation trajectory prediction. Homeyra Khaledian, UPC Barcelona (pdf 5.0MB)

DCB hotspot detection and machine learning for traffic demand prediction
● Automated DCB hotspot detection. Sergi Mas Pujol, UPC Barcelona (pdf 1.3MB)
● Machine learning techniques for seamless traffic demand prediction. Manuel Mateos, Nommon / UPC Barcelona (pdf 2.6MB)

Machine learning and traffic deconfliction
● Trajectory planning for conflict free trajectories: a multi agent reinforcement learning approach. Alevizos Bastas, University of Piraeus (pptx 8.4MB)
● Machine learning applications to extend AGENT’s conflict resolution capabilities. Ralvi Isufaj, Autonomous University of Barcelona (pptx 3.7MB)

Weather prediction / forecasting models
● Integrating weather prediction models into ATM planning. Anastasia Lemetti, Linköping University (pptx 2.1MB)
● STORMY: a pilot support tool based on the enhanced provision of thunderstorm forecasts considering its inherent uncertainty. Eduardo Andrés, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (pptx 15.1MB)

Flight prioritisation, UDPP and route charging
● Resource-constrained airline ground operations: optimizing schedule recovery under uncertainty. Jan Evler, TU Dresden (pdf 1.8MB)
● ISTOP: inter airline slot trading offer provider. Andrea Gasparin, University of Trieste (pdf 22.2MB)
● ATC capacity sharing and route charging. Natália Solčianska, University of Trieste (pdf 0.8MB)