Knowledge hub

The knowledge hub is the one-stop, go-to source for information: a single European point of entry for ATM knowledge. With improved search functionality, researchers may turn to the hub as an accessible meta- source of research data, and to contact other researchers to combine disciplines and share ideas. Industry partners may seek inspiration from exploratory and unconventional research and promote their application towards the operational context.

The knowledge hub will monitor, identify and analyse new opportunities for innovative ATM research of relevance to the evolution of the European ATM system. Challenges, barriers and active next steps will be identified. Action plans and recommendations can be defined and implemented with the support of Engage’s catalyst funding. The knowledge hub will also host links to various events (available here in the interim), the network’s repository, regularly-updated action and planning summary reports from the PhDs/theses supported by the network (with direct links with the supervisors and researchers) and the ATM concepts roadmap.

Our community interaction forum

This allows researchers to comment on all aspects of the KTN, including the documentation in the repositories and its design, the broader mapping between research activities, the industrial research coordination map, and to generally ask questions about research activities, enabling constructive comments and useful debate. This active forum is designed also to be a germinator of new ideas and collaborations in the context of current and future research challenges in general, and the thematic challenges in particular. Also included will be a collaborative platform for proposals in response to external calls (e.g. SESAR / Horizon 2020).


This will collect information on recent exploratory research accomplished by the ATM community, serving as a central knowledge resource and reference centre for researchers. Where available, the repository will link with existing and past projects, documents, published papers, videos and software code. This will include data on PhD theses supported by Engage. These elements and materials will be interlinked in an intuitive, user-friendly way. Information will be easily accessible and the system will pro-actively propose links to other pages/repositories, thus enhancing the visibility of all research in SESAR. This will ensure that related research, models or techniques are taken into account during searches (from a project website to the corresponding video, from a journal paper to the code repository used).

ATM Concepts Roadmap

The goal of the interactive roadmap is to provide an innovative and interdisciplinary set of ATM concepts beyond the SESAR2020 timeframe. It will contain information on R&D topics, concepts, future priorities and challenges, engagement with SESAR stakeholders and existing research in the main work programme, and links with other initiatives, such as ACARE, other/future PPPs, JUs and SESAR deployment.