Jobs and internships

Send us your internships and job positions, e.g ER4 opportunities, to get them posted here. Please use the contacts page.

Current PhD opportunities are listed on the PhD page.

Innaxis (Spain) – Data Scientist

Data Scientist position available within the aviation research team; understand, analyse and mine data, including ensuring data quality and preparation through data cleansing, normalisation, indexing, etc.
Closing date not specified

Innaxis (Spain) – Business Development and Project Manager

Business Development and Project Manager position; define the strategic research agenda with the responsibility for finding and creating the business opportunities to implement it.
Closing date not specified

DataBeacon (Spain) – Developers

Technology startup DataBeacon is offering front- and back-end developer positions; combining machine learning and aviation
Closing date not specified

Linköping University (Sweden) – Postdoc positions within the AEAR group

Postdoc positions are available within the AEAR group for students proficient in programming, algorithm design, optimization, mathematics; closing date not specified
To apply, please send CV to

EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (The Netherlands) – Student Air Traffic Controllers

Training courses for students start in February and October every year; closing date not specified

Air Navigation Solutions Limited (UK) – Trainee Air Traffic Controllers

Register your interest for 2021 entry; closing date not specified

SESAR Deployment Alliance (Belgium) – member staff and external contractors

There is no deadline for submitting applications (note: registration opened on 26 July 2019).
Call for Expression of Interest (SDA-EOI-2019-01) for member staff and external contractors with the following profiles:
Manager profiles for
● Finance
● Corporate Services
Expert profiles for
● Financial EU Funding Contract Management
● Business Systems Test & Support Manager
● Business Process & Quality Manager
● Air Traffic Management Performance Assessment & Cost-& Benefit Analysis
● Air Traffic Management on Arrival Management
● Air Traffic Management on Performance Based Navigation
● Air Traffic Management on Airport Integration & Runway Throughput
● Air Traffic Management on Airspace Management
● Air Traffic Management on Free Route
● Air Traffic Management on Network Collaborative Management
● Air Traffic Management on System-Wide Information Management
● Air Traffic Management on Trajectory Management & Data-Link Services Information Sharing