Engage catalyst fund project final reports


Each catalyst fund project produced a final technical report (also published as Engage D4.1-D4.18). Project abstracts, executive summaries and additional material are available here.

Wave 1 catalyst fund project final reports
(D4.1) C1. Probabilistic weather avoidance routes for medium-term storm avoidance
(D4.2) C2. Airport-scale severe weather nowcasting project
(D4.3) C3. Authentication and integrity for ADS-B
(D4.4) C4. Data-driven trajectory imitation with reinforcement learning
(D4.5) C5. A data-drIven approach for dynamic and adaptive trajectory prediction
(D4.6) C6. Operational alert Products for ATM via SWIM
(D4.7) C7. An interaction metric for an efficient traffic demand management: requirements for the design of data-driven protection mechanisms
(D4.8) C8. MET enhanced ATFCM
(D4.9) C9. Exploring future UDPP concepts through computational behavioural economics
(D4.10) C10. The drone identity – investigating forensic-readiness of U-Space services

Wave 2 catalyst fund project final reports
(D4.11) C11. Proof-of-concept: practical, flexible, affordable pentesting platform for ATM/avionics cybersecurity
(D4.12) C12. Safe drone flight – assuring telemetry data integrity in U-Space scenarios
(D4.13) C13. Flight centric ATC with airstreams
(D4.14) C14. Meteo Sensors In the Sky
(D4.15) C15. Probabilistic information integration in uncertain data processing for trajectory prediction
(D4.16) C16. Collaborative cyber security management framework
(D4.17) C17. Role of markets in AAS deployment
(D4.18) C18. Weather impact prediction for ATFCM