Second Call for catalyst funding – FAQs (archived page)

The second Call for catalyst funding closed on 06 April 2020.


Please use the contacts page to submit questions – select “Second wave for catalyst funding question” as the subject (questions may be submitted until 23 March 2020). FAQs updated on 18 March 2020.

See also the archived FAQs from the first wave.

1. Funding
1.1. Are travel costs outside Europe eligible to claim, e.g. to meet with industry or attend a conference?
The cost of travel outside Europe is ineligible and cannot be claimed. For clarity, the cost of travel within the Member States of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) are deemed to be eligible, and such meetings and conferences are encouraged.

2. Misc
2.1. Will we be notified of the outcome before the Engage ‘cybersecurity’ workshop and summer school?
Key dates are:
– May 2020 expected notification of outcome;
– 17 June 2020 Engage workshop ‘Vulnerabilities and global security of the CNS/ATM system’;
– w/c 06 July 2020 Engage summer school.
[UPDATE – workshop/summer school dates rescheduled due to the COVID-19 situation]

2.2. Should we submit a single or separate proposal documents?
Please submit two documents:
– the proposal as a PDF file (references can be annexed, as required);
– the project administrative form in MS Word format (the template is available with the Call document).

2.3. Apart from the reporting specified in the Call, can we produce additional deliverables?
Yes, but please indicate whether these will be public and do not associate them with measures of project progress (e.g. milestones) as they will not be formally assessed.

2.4. Will the Call deadline be extended?
No extension to the Call is foreseen. The Call will close on 06 April 2020. This programme needs to adhere to the original schedule in order to be completed within the financing timeframe of the KTN.

2.5. Can we flag any exceptional difficulties encountered during proposal preparation as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation?
We understand that there may be challenges in preparing proposals during these disruptive times, and we will take any exceptional difficulties encountered into account during the evaluation process. These should be clearly flagged in the proposal, using an additional page if required. Please ensure that you continue to address the selection criteria (Table 1), in the main body of your proposal.